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We value our clients’ trust in our commitment to their project

As a construction company based in Los Angeles, at L.A. Build Corp, we honor the expectation of our clients as the guiding principle in building high-quality ambitiously-designed custom homes. We are passionate about building one-of- a-kind products that would transcend the status quo and stand the test of time.

Duty-bound to safeguard our clients’ creative vision, we put our concerted effort into examining complex concepts and dissecting them into clear actionable steps that are executed with respect for craftsmanship and camaraderie across our partnerships. We abide by core values rooted in integrity, transparency, and trust all of which allow us to focus on delivering exceptional products to discerning clients who demand the very best in the heart of Southern California.


Our dedicated team is composed of highly skilled construction superintendents, general laborers, and office support staff working under the governance of experienced construction project coordinators, project managers, and project accountants. Diversity reinforced by streamlined channels of communication on our team ensures smooth and efficient operation from the adoption of plans to planning, execution and finish.

In addition to our own diverse team of professionals, we have recruited and fostered a network of seasoned subcontractors with an unparalleled track record who exhibit complete ownership of their craft and product. We understand that having a crew on board who approaches their craft with pride and vigor enables us to shift focus on what we do best, and that is to make sure the project is run on track and channels of communication between owner, architect, designers, and subcontractors are kept open and clear.

Ami Harari


“Our job is to bring clarity into what may seem at first sight a nebulous roadmap and clear a path forward to set goals and expectations. Our clients’ happiness relies on this transparent process.”

Ami Harari, President

Ami’s background as a serial entrepreneur with years of on-field experience brings resolute leadership and passion for building exceptional products and experiences. With a trained eye in foundation and framing, his knowledge and technical skills has compelled him to be actively involved in the progression of every project. With an unrivaled work ethic ingrained in him during his years of serving in the Israeli military, he understands the dynamics of building strong relationships with his clients and bonding that elevates the spirit of his high-performing team.

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