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At L.A. Build Corp, we identify the specificities and challenges unique to each construction project and propose applicable solutions in streamlining the objectives and complexities of each project into action plans primed for execution.


Having a construction team on board early in the building process is an optimal practice to mitigate risk and enforce productivity and assurance throughout the course of construction. At L.A. Build Corp, our early involvement offers clarity in defining project goals and early assessment of scope, budget, and schedule that would inform the trajectory of your project leading up to its full completion.

Our consultation consists of value engineering, reviews of public records and engineering reports to ensure constructability, cost estimating, logistics, phasing, and expanding on alternative material libraries in line with the budget made available for each project.

Our methodologies are best practiced in honoring our clients’ expectations and while protecting the architects’ artistic expression proposing a cost effective budget and seamless schedule in the build of high end luxury real estate.


Establishing trust backed by the self-evident commitment of a strong team is critical to the success of any construction project.

Our devoted team with hard-won years of experience and expansive knowledge in building custom luxury homes harbors unique insights into industry standards and state-of-the-art technologies infiltrating today’s modern architecture and lifestyle demands.

Our integration of live tools and easily traceable channels of communication have enabled us to facilitate a transparent and frictionless lean-and-mean operation, giving us a competitive edge as well as our collaborators full permission and access to participate seamlessly over the lifecycle of their projects.


We value our relationships and welcome partnerships from all walks of life. This self-awareness has enabled us to create a diverse team of professionals equipped with accumulated years of expertise in identifying untapped pockets in the market while carefully assessing the risk-reward ratio attached to each opportunity, we are energized by the ambition and spectacle of real estate in one of the most relevant hubs of modern architecture in today’s global market.

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