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We work with you to unearth insights in the early phases into your project to develop the expectations necessary for the most desired outcome.

  • Consultation
  • Review of MEP plans
  • Review of structural plans
  • Review of architectural plans
  • Review of construction documents
  • Review of city permits
  • Value engineering
  • Site visit


We dig deep to extract as much information as possible from the presented material to lay out the scope, budget and schedule for your project. During this process, we employ creative strategies to thoughtfully utilize labor and minimize cost while questioning potential oversights and errors.

  • Pre-construction buyout agreement
  • Project take-off
  • Creation of scope
  • Price Negotiation
  • Subcontractors onboarding
  • Budget forecast
  • Schedule forecast
  • Issuance of RFIs


We dig deep, indeed! During production, our crew on site will ensure that all gathered proposals are run and approved by you, prior to commencement of work. With access to our management software, you’ll be able to track our progress at any given moment.

  • Mobilization
  • Monitoring budget & schedule
  • Securing material & supply


We all have one common goal. The success of your project is truly a team effort. From managing your project’s budget to ensuring safety for all crew members present on our job sites, we make sure that yourproject will come to fruition seamlessly and as smoothly as possible.

  • Project management
    • Monitoring progress
    • Tracking project budget
    • Tracking project schedule
    • Approving purchase orders
    • Attending OAC meetings
    • Review of draws with owners
    • Executing contracts
    • Pulling permits
  • Project supervision
    • Job site coordination
    • Job site management
    • Logging daily reports
    • Creating Micro-schedules
    • Creating material take-offs
    • Meeting with city inspectors
    • Enforcing city guidelines
    • Ensuring job site safety
  • Project accountant
    • Bookkeeping
    • Monitoring account payable
    • Prioritizing account receivable
    • Authorizing orders
    • Generating draws


We are with you every step of the way, we may never leave you. As every mission comes to an end, so does our healthy obsession with your living spaces. You may still want to invite us back for a cup of joe in pursuit of tightening a few loose screws.

  • Passing of final inspections
  • Connection of power/gas/water
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Final withdrawal

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