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Prado De La Puma

Prado De La Puma

Prado De La Puma




Calabasas, CA




5,000 SF

Perched prominently atop the famed oak-lined hilltops of Calabasas, Prado De La Puma is a 5,000-square-foot home that embraces the timeless magnificence of Tuscan design with a twist.

Nestled within The Oaks, a highly desirable gated community in Calabasas boasting natural beauty and stunning homes, the motivation for the Prado De La Puma renovation was to curate a unique residence that all would admire as a piece of art amongst the neighborhood's award-winning architecture. The sprawling home embraces the beauty of its Southern California environment and Modern Tuscan design by bringing natural colors, texture, and materials inside. Large, airy windows allow the warm sun to pour in and create an organic flow between the home’s interior and exterior, allowing the residents to take in views of the immaculately designed grounds as well as the smell of oak wafting through the hills outside.

Additional Credits: Morrison Interiors (Interior Design), House of Morrison (Furniture)

Maximizing the Minimalist Aesthetic

Our initial task for this project was a small renovation. However, as the direction began to take shape, the project grew in scale, turning into a whole-home renovation.

An aerial view of a propertyAn aerial view of a property and surrounding properties

Transforming the space into a European minimalistic work of art took center stage, balancing modern comforts and amenities without sacrificing simplicity and functionality.

A view of a property under constructionA view of a property from the outside

While the home pays homage to Old World European architecture with its Tuscan styling, it modernizes the aesthetic with striking design details. In lieu of traditional Tuscan brown brick, the exterior is a study in light and reflection enhanced by the white limewashed finish.

A property under constructionA residential property

Inside, a mix of textures and materials celebrate this modern Tuscan sensibility with a playground of look and feel.

A view inside a property under constructionA view inside a property

The grandeur of the windows looking out into the courtyard invite both guests and light in, creating a bright and welcoming space while capturing the home’s warmth and natural elegance. Clerestory windows sit atop the larger windows, allowing the comforting California sunlight to pour in while offering privacy from neighboring homes.

A view inside a living roomA view inside a property under construction

Creating a bright, airy atmosphere compelled much of this project, transforming the previously dark and closed-off interior into an invigorating free-flowing space bursting with light and energy.

Inside a property under constructionInside a newly renovated property

Dozens of varying tiles and slabs harmoniously clash, creating a dramatic experience that overwhelms the senses in the most awe-inspiring way.

A property under constructionA view of a dining room with elegant interiors

The home's drama and elegance are further complemented by custom-made furniture and artwork by House of Morrison, ensuring the entire home is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Inside a property under constructionA view of a furnished living room
A view of people inside a property under constructionInside a bedroom

At once modern and timeless, Prado De La Puma offers a dynamic and functional living space punctuating the Calabasas hillside and stands as a noteworthy addition to the neighborhood’s renowned architecture.

A view of a property under constructionA view of a property from the outside
A property under constructionA swimming pool area
A view of a construction siteA property with a swimming pool
An aerial view of a property under constructionAn aerial view of a property with a swimming pool
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