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Vista De Ventura

Vista De Ventura

Vista De Ventura




Ventura, CA




7,000 SF

Emerging triumphantly from the Ventura skyline is Vista De Ventura, a 7,000-square-foot cathedral of glass with infinite views of the quintessential beach town below and the Pacific Ocean beyond the reaches of the city.

Vista De Ventura is a testament to human and natural resiliency, proudly rising from the ashes of one of California’s most destructive fires in modern history. Built for a family with four energetic and curious sons, the home affords them a remarkable space to come of age in. Our clients were involved in making critical design decisions to ensure agility and continuum in the building process so we could articulate their vision every step of the way while keeping the build moving forward.

Credits: Aaron Brumer & Associates (Architect), Dan Arnold (Photographer)

A Confluence of Nature and Ingenious Engineering

This monumental piece of architecture celebrates nature, modern engineering, and family. Majestic walls of glass maximize the million-dollar views of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean while inviting in the warm California sun and calming sights and sounds of nature.

A view of a construction siteA view of a property with a swimming pool

The entirety of the space is inspirational and aspirational, blending the best in luxury living in a space the entire family can create new memories and build new legacies in.

A view of a property under constructionA view of an infinity pool

Rooms flow effortlessly from one to the next and contribute to the overall design aesthetic, while each boasts its own personality.

A view inside an empty spaceA view inside a living room

Immense slabs of stone, expansive windows, natural wood tones, and Zen-inducing features like a soothing Koi Pond and thoughtful landscaping curate an awe-inspiring lifestyle bursting with possibilities as infinite as the ocean the property gazes upon.

A view inside a kitchen under constructionA view inside a kitchen
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